Additional Equipment

We are able to provide equipment to support our Pontoon systems, such as long reach excavators and walkways such as those you can see below.  However, in addition we can provide:

  • Safety equipment (buoyancy aids, life rings, oil spill kits etc)
  • Bunded fuel bowsers
  • Water pumps
  • Winches
  • Safety rail, ramps etc

Pontoon Hire - Supacat (with 1 tonne hi-ab)

Amphibious All Terrain Vehicle

Pontoon Hire works along side Subeo.  A provider of cost effective submarine equipment provider.

Subeo submarines with Pontoon Hire

27 metre walkway for use in combination with barges as access system

Pontoon Hire - Walkways Pontoon Hire - Walkways

Komatsu P45 & Fuel Bowser

Komatsu P45 Fuel Bowser

Events on water.

Pontoon Hire - Leisure Events, is a newly formed arm of Pontoon Hire Ltd which has been created due to the success of our more industrial floating access solutions arm.